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Pad Thai


Everyone loves a good serving of pad thai!

Pad Thai

Rice Noodles
Firm Tofu

Fresh Cilantro
Toasted Cashews
Lime Wedges
Sprouts (mung bean or sunflower)

Sauce (approx 1 cup per 16oz noodles):
Tomato Paste
Lime Juice
Asian Chile Paste (or chiles)
Minced Fresh Ginger
Minced Garlic
Brown Sugar or Sucanet
Rice Vinegar
Water (only a little)

Veg (suggestions; use whatever you have on hand):

Soak the rice noodles in cold water for 1 hour. While soaking, prepare toppings and place into small bowls, mix up some sauce, and chop all the vegetables.

Note: make the pad thai in batches — 1-2 per 16oz of rice noodles. Divide vegetables (and noodles and tofu) based on the number of batches and place into bowls. You may want two vegetable bowls per batch if you have some slower cooking veg you want to cook longer. The next instructions are for a batch.

Heat oil in a wok. Either add all vegetables, or the slower cooking ones first. Saute for a couple minutes. Add the rest of the vegetables. When the veg are almost cooked, add in the sauce, noodles, and tofu. Cook until the noodles are tender. I use tongs instead of a spatula to stir the noodle mixture. When the noodles are done, place in a big metal bowl (covered) and sprinkle with cilantro while you stir-fry the next batch.