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Spaetzle Mac with Greens


Yes, it is true. We own a spaetzle maker. Although we only make spaetzle a few times a year, it is such a pain to try to make it with a colander. And spaetzle makers only cost $7-11.

Spaetzle is not very difficult to make and this recipe is flexible; we used whole wheat flour in place of white flour and puréed lima beans instead of tofu tonight. I also frequently use soy yogurt in place of the silken tofu.

For the sauce, we made a quick purée of lima beans, sunflower seeds, earth balance, nutritional yeast, parsley, yellow mustard, salt, scallions, lemon juice and hummus.

The greens on the side are our standard greens recipe — made with Lacinto Kale and baby Bok Choy tonight.