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Pan-fried Oatmeal with Concord Grape Sauce

Eggless egg custard tarts and cupcakes for breakfast

The Loving Hut in Wan Chai is open late and has vegan egg custard tarts that are delicious. I made up for discovering this fact near the end of my time in Hong Kong by getting some anytime I was remotely near Wan Chai once I knew about them.

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Fried bread and asian pear

Simple breakfast from when I was living in Hong Kong.


Anise coffee cake

Afternoon Tea! Cucumber and tofu salad sandwiches, scones, oranges, and lapsang souchong

Persimmon gingerbread waffles

Biscuits with Eggplant Gravy

The tempeh sausage crumbles recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance is worth the price of the cookbook. One possible use case for them is to make gravy by adding creamy sauce. Vegan with a Vengeance suggests a creamy white bean sauce, but we opted for an eggplant-lemon-tahini babaghanoush-like concoction.


Biscuits and Gravy, Broccoli Quiche, Roasted Butternut and Brussels Sprouts, Lemony Potatoes


Still Eating Waffles


Waffles! And More Waffles!

We got a waffle maker as a present from Ian’s parents. And waffles are so delicious on a Saturday morning.